Friday, May 16, 2014


Last week, Reading, Writing, and Literacy 2.0 made it's debut at the International Reading Association's annual convention in New Orleans!

I presented a session on Internet Reciprocal Teaching at the Technology preconference institute and met so many wonderful teachers. I was also honored with the Technology in Reading Research Award given by the Technology in Literacy Special Interest Group (TILE SIG). Thank you to Julie Coiro for organizing such a wonderful institute and for presenting the award. Be sure to visit the TILE SIG wiki for lots of good resources and links to articles in Reading Today.

The day after the institute, I had a book signing at the Teachers College Press booth. What a wonderful experience! Several teachers from the institute came for the signing - I was so honored! I asked everyone to send me feedback on the book. Several teachers also offered to write guest posts for this blog on the great work they are doing in their schools and districts. It is so important for all of us to share the good work we are doing in schools.

The book is co-published by the International Reading Association, so I snapped a quick picture of the book on display at the IRA bookstore.

Chapter three in Reading, Writing, and Literacy 2.0 discusses the use of digital storytelling for creating classroom community. You might be interested in an article in Reading Today Online titled, Digital Storytelling Projects Help Improve Reading and Writing by Hani Morgan. The article provides information on what digital storytelling is, guidelines for starting a digital storytelling project, and online resources.

Have you used digital storytelling in your classroom? If so, consider sharing your thoughts about the article or your experiences in the comments.

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  1. This book is a gem! It not only reviews the grassroots of what we as literacy teachers water each day in each child, such as fluency, vocabulary, reading and writing, it also grows and nurtures our understanding of the expanded modes of literacy through clever and insightful incorporation of digital tools to enhance learning and engagement. I love the practical nature of this book, which inspires me to try new ways and incorporate digital tools into my literacy lessons. Denise has created a truly integrated resource and bridged the theory to practice - book to screen - divide. This is a must for every teacher of literacy.